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Clip Studio Paint, also known by some as Manga Studio, is an advanced drawing software tool. The program allows creating professional-quality drawings and animations. It has a great interface, although it may feel quite overwhelming the first time you use it. So, it is a good idea to consult its documentation and try its features before starting to work on a real project. In this respect, you should probably try its excellent tutorial.

Fortunately, you do not need to start from pure scratch as there are tons of freely downloadable contents, including brushes, tones, and 3D models. Likewise, your workspace can be easily adapted to the type of work you intend to do. So, when you start your project, it is possible to select one of the available workspace presets, such as Illustration, Comic and Animations.

In terms of features, the tool comes with anything an artist might need. These include the possibility of using various layers and setting exactly the desired color from the palette (RGB and CMYK compatible). Something that most users like is the great selection of customizable pens and brushes, which may be used to create realistic strokes. There is even a pen stabilization option that makes your brushstrokes look more fluent. It is also good that the program allows vector drawings as well. Likewise, if you are creating comics, you can effortlessly draw speech bubbles and add text. Finally, it is quite easy to insert 3D objects into your drawings as the application support importing them in various formats.

All in all, it would be too hard to review all the features available from Clip Studio Paint in such short lines. The product is, in general, impressive; and no wonder it has such a huge fan base. I really recommend you to give it a try. It is sold in two different editions, any of which you can try at no cost. The standard edition (Clip Studio Paint Pro) has a very reasonable price and a comprehensive set of features. In turn, the full-featured edition (Clip Studio Paint Pro) is much more expensive. Unluckily, the extra features do not compensate the excessive difference between both prices.

Pedro Castro
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  • Tons of downloadable contents
  • Excellent help documentation
  • Adaptable workspace
  • Support of layers and customizable brushes
  • Pen stabilization
  • Vector drawings
  • Imports 3D objects
  • Standard version with an affordable price


  • The interface may be overwhelming
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